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    Infinity Lithium initiates mining licence and environmental assessment application for San José Lithium Project

    Infinity Lithium (ASX:INF) has initiated the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and mining licence application for its San José Lithium Project.

    Through its wholly owned Spanish subsidiary Extremadura New Energies (ENE), a formal submission has now been made of the ‘initial document’ to the Dirección General de Industria, Energía y Minas (General Directorate of Industry, Energy and Mines) and Dirección General de Sostenibilidad (General Directorate of Sustainability) in Extremadura.

    The company reports the collaboration between the Regional Government of Extremadura, Cáceres Local Government and Extremadura New Energies has resulted in the first  step in the lodgement of permit applications.

    This is based on the underground-only mining proposal which a positive Scoping Study has been delivered. The purpose of the initial document is to request that the environmental body formulate the EIA Scoping Document ESIA in advance of the start of the ordinary  EIA procedure.

    Infinity Lithium notes the ESIA will be submitted to Extremadura New Energies within a period of 3 months from the date of the submission of the initial document.

    “this is good news, and this is what was asked of the company from all sides

    City of Cáceres Mayor Luis Salaya commented “this is good news, and this is what was  asked of the company from all sides”.

    The initial document provides information to relevant parties which includes detail on extraction, processing and also optionality on the possible locations of the fully integrated industrial lithium conversion facility.

    This serves to further align the project to local and regional stakeholders through a consultative process. The lodgement follows calls for the technical presentation of the project and the presentation of a letter in September 2022 to the Regional Government of Extremadura signifying Infinity and Extremadura New Energies’ commitment to an underground mine at San José.

    In effect the start of the permitting process to submit the Exploitation Concession Application (equivalent to a ‘mining licence application’) and EIA will incorporate formal directives and recommendations from the Regional Government of Extremadura Department for Ecological Transition and Sustainability.

    Infinity Lithium is an Australian-listed minerals company who is seeking to develop its 75% owned San José Lithium Project in Spain. The proposed fully integrated industrial Project is focused on the production of battery grade lithium chemicals from a mica feedstock that represents the EU’s second largest JORC compliant hard rock lithium deposit.


    The company is contesting the cancellation of Investigation Permit Valdeflorez and has lodged a contentious-administrative appeal. The Company strongly disputes the basis of the decision of the cancellation of PIV and retains all legal rights against the Junta of Extremadura.

    Infinity retains subsequent rights of applications over and including the PIV area through other applications.

    The project would provide an essential component in the EU’s development of a vertically integrated lithium-ion battery supply chain. The availability of critical raw materials and the production of battery grade lithium hydroxide in the EU is essential to ensure the long-term production of lithium-ion batteries for electric mobility and the transition of the EU’s automotive industry towards electric vehicles.

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    Images: Infinity Lithium Ltd & iStock
    Adam Orlando
    Adam Orlando Senior Reporter Adam Orlando more than 20 years’ experience in the media having held senior roles at various publications, including as Asia-Pacific Sector Head (Mining) at global newswire Acuris. Adam has worked in newsrooms around the world including Hong Kong, Singapore, London, and Sydney.