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    EdenCrete continues to sweep across US

    From airports to underground water tanks, Eden Innovations (ASX:EDE) reports its EdenCrete product is being utilised across a range of recent and forthcoming projects across the US.

    The $8.4 million market capitalisation company says this reflects the wide range of applications and the growing number of US States taking advantage of the EdenCrete product. 

    The company reports in Colorado, EdenCrete is being used to complete the second phase of United Airlines’ full-depth panel replacement at Denver International Airport. 

    This project involved 3 separate placements totalling 225 cubic yards of concrete, with additional slab replacements planned. 

    Eden states that EdenCrete has now been used in concrete for 5 projects for the airline. 

    Further, EdenCrete has also been used in the construction of a new transfer station slab for a Denver-based non-ferrous metal recycling facility. Eden says EdenCrete aided in piping difficult mix and helped to embed fibres with improved creamy paste rheology.

    Meanwhile, in Kansas, EdenCrete was adopted by McPherson Concrete Products as part of a US Department of Housing and Urban Development project in June. 

    Finally, in Texas, EdenCrete was employed to aid in the completion of an effluent and influent subterranean water vessel refurbishment project. 

    About 250 cubic yards of ‘shotcrete’ applications were reportedly used to rebuild vessel walls with a dosage of one gallon per cubic yard — the highest EdenCrete shotcrete dose ever used. 

    The EdenCrete product represents a ‘revolutionary’ high-performance concrete admixture used to enhance a range of performance characteristics of concrete, including compressive strength, flexural strength, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and reduced shrinkage. 

    EdenCrete is also ‘highly suited’ for all pumped concrete applications, including shotcrete applications, with low dosages of EdenCrete delivering reduced friction and consequently requiring lower pump pressures and improved workability.     

    Eden Innovations had $2.618 million cash and cash equivalents at hand as of 30 June 2023, although the company announced a $1.1 million share placement in August.

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    Images: Eden Innovations
    Adam Drought
    Adam Drought
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